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Enjoy a variety of exquisite lATIN AMERICAN CUISINES

lunch buffet

Sampler Platter

Enjoy a little of bit of everything with our sampler platter - All flavors & recipes at a great price!

Lunch Buffet

Get 2 Choices of meat, 2 sides, & salad

Lunch Combo

Choose Item 1: - Fresh Chicken Soup or Salad Sample
Choose Item 2: - Steak (Ribeye or New York) Sandwich or Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Choose Dipping Sauce: - Garlic - Corn - Jalapenos - Mango - Sweet & Spicy Peanuts

Dinner Buffet

Dinner Buffet

Sampler Platter

A fusion of flavors and latin american recipes- with the freshest ingredients.

Dinner Buffet

Get 3 meat choices, 2 sides & salad


Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Fresh fruits, like strawberries, apples, and grapes.

Fried Plantains

Delicious fried golden sweet plantains

Corn Empanadas

Corn empanadas

With crispy crust and tender inner texture



In Venezuela, black beans, called Caraotas Negras, can be found simmering on the stove in kitchens throughout the country.

À la carte

Grilled Chicken over Creamy spinach/ zucchini pasta



Potatoes, spinach, onions, sweet peppers, garlic, carrots, coriander, broccoli, and zucchini. Served with a side of your choice.


3 Tacos - homemade tortillas.

Chicken $7.99
Shrimp $8.99
Steak $7.99
Al pastor $7.99

Corn Arepas
Grilled cornmeal flatbread Arepas stuffed with chicken salad or chicken and cheese. Dozens are available.

Corn Empanadas

Choice of (black beans and cheese, pork, chicken, ground beef, shredded beef, cheese and jalapeños, spinach and cheese, vegetables, or cabbage

Venezuelan Chicken Salad

It is a Venezuelan tradition to serve this dish at celebrations and so many of my favourite family memories are intertwined with this recipe.


Grilled Chicken, Steak, Pork, and a Beef Sausage plus 2 sides of your choice and a salad.

Bacon & Shrimp Linguine

Creamy Linguine with bacon, shrimp, spinach, diced tomatoes, zucchini, parmesan cheese, and parsley.

*Spicy : Optional*

New York steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Eggplant Lasagna with Ricotta Cheese - $12.99

Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, & Parmesan Cheese


Pabellon - $12.00

Delicious seasoned shredded beef, black beans, white rice, and fried plantains.

Penne alla Putanesca

Penne alla Putanesca

Includes tomatoes, olive oil, olives, and garlic.


Diced tomatoes, garlic, basil & extra virgin olive oil served with crisp toasted bread slices.

Pork Loin Sandwich

Pork, cabbage, tomato, carrot, spinach, served with a Chipotle garlic sauce

Creamy Linguine

Creamy linguine with spinach and zucchini

*with Salmon $13.99
*With Chicken $12.99

Steak Burger


(Beef Patty or bacon and egg, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, and cheddar cheese) Served with an order of real fries.

Vegetarian Sample

Vegetarian Sample - $12.99

Vegetable or Black beans empanadas, a Vegetable Arepa, grilled zucchini served with chimichurri sauce, bruschettas, and grilled vegetables.

Served with your favorite dipping option a jalapeno chipotle sauce or a garlic and cilantro dressing

Grilled Chicken Sandwich - $7.99

Served with garlic chipotle sauce

Mini Arepas

Arepa Sampler- $10.99

Choice of: Chicken and cheese, Shredded Beef/ black beans and cheese, Scramble eggs and cheese, Chicken salad and pork, or Butter and cheese.


Vegetable Chicken Soup - $6.99

Enjoy the freshest homemade chicken soup. (Chicken, zucchini, potatoes, broccoli, corn, carrots and cilantro)



Brownie Cheesecake, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and Almond Flan.

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Latin american cuisine


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